Product returns

The website provides you with the opportunity to access comprehensive information about our products from the comfort of your computer screen, with detailed information and relevant photos accompanying each item.

At, we recognize that due to the lack of physical contact with the products you wish to buy, your expectations for the purchased product may not always be met.

In an effort to further accommodate our customers, ensuring they feel the same level of security as buying in person, we offer the option to return products.

Product returns.

Return policy:

* The period between the date of receipt of your order and the submission of the return request must not exceed 15 working days.

* In the event of a return, the products must be in the same condition as when received; unsealed or tampered packaging will not be accepted. Upon receipt, we will weigh the products. If there is a weight discrepancy from the original, the return will not be accepted.

* Products must be accompanied by the corresponding receipt or invoice.

* Refunds will not be issued; instead, we will credit your account to facilitate an exchange for a product(s) of equivalent value.

* Products received as exchanges from previous return processes are not eligible for further returns.

* If there is no cost difference, you will only be charged for shipping and packaging..

Return process:

Please contact us first by email or phone (+30 6944848416) to inform us of your intention to return the product and to discuss replacement options.

2. Place the product in appropriate packaging along with the receipt or invoice.

3. Use a courier company that provides insurance for the item. Ship the product to the following address: Rafailidou 1, 177 78, Tavros, Attica, Greece, Warehouse KARYON AGROTIKI.

4. After inspecting the returned product, we will communicate with you. If there is no discrepancy in weight, we will send you a new product at our expense.