Corinthian Switzerland

Lake Doxa's unique alpine scenery is the exception to the classic rule that the trailer is almost always better than the movie.

In contrast to the long and often boring films that cannot compete with the fast
montage and the best of trailers, Lake Doxa in Mountainous Corinthia surpasses in beauty, even the most
impressive photo, the most well shot video.

Some people call it "Corinthian Switzerland" since the firs at this altitude and the pines lower down, in winter with the first snows, give the visitor the feeling of being in an alpine landscape.

The special climatic conditions that prevail in this area, combined with the morphology of the soil, create the right environment for the famous Feneo beans and fava beans to sprout and grow. Giant lentils and lentils of high nutritional value are reintroduced to the Greek family through imaginative recipes with the stamp of the producers of the plateau.

Its construction was completed in the late 1990s, with the creation of a dam 225 meters long in the bed of the Doxa stream which was intended to cover the irrigation needs of the Feneos valley. Until then, the waters of the torrent joined the waters of the Olbius River and very often flooded the basin of the Feneos plain, destroying the crops of the producers.

This is how Lake Doxa was created, in whose waters the colorful mixed forests of Mountain Corinth are reflected, creating a unique illusion. Reference point in the center of the lake, the much-photographed little church of Agios Fanourios..